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Industry Specialists

Founded in 2004, AlamAlTamayouz has been operating in the Eastern Province for over 15 year.

We are one of the leading companies in the Real Estate and Contracting Saudi market. It has lived and seen the triumph of the real estate and construction sector since its establishment. And trained on the mechanisms of the modern marke, and gained the experience of excellence. And it has known a special experience thanks to their cadres and experiences.

General Contracting

Providing all material, labor, equipment and services necessary for the construction of the project.

Real Estate

Licensed broker with Ijar to rent and manage hundreds of properties throughout the Eastern Province.

Air Conditionning

Systems for controlling the humidity, ventilation, and temperature in a building.


High quality Aluminum mass production, manufactured based on strict and high standards.


General Maintenance for all sizes of buildings and properties, this involves our after sales services.


Leading transport service provider dealing with a diversified clientele all over our region.