At Alam Al Tamayouz, we take maintenance services very seriously. We are  one of the leading companies in the Saudi market .. It has lived and seen the triumph of the real estate and construction sector since its establishment in 2004 .. And trained on the mechanisms of the modern market .. And gained the experience of excellence .. And it has known a special experience thanks to their cadres and experiences.

Alam Al Tamayouz provides its customers with the services they need to achieve their goals using our proven experience in operation and maintenance. We do this by our attention to each detail in the maintenance, for residential and commercial buildings  for our clients in the best way possible to meet their needs.

  • Mechanical Works
  • Construction
  • Supervision
  • Safety
  • Design

We have established long term relationships with 4000+ clients in the Eastern Province.

Contact us now to schedule an appointment.

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