Real Estate

At Alam Al Tamayouz, our staff have a wide experience in Real Estate Management, Property Valuation and Real Estate Marketing . We are one of the leading companies in the Saudi market .. It has lived and seen the triumph of the real estate and construction sector since its establishment in 2004 .. And trained on the mechanisms of the modern market .. And gained the experience of excellence .. And it has known a special experience thanks to their cadres and experiences.

Alam Al Tamayouz has taken on the tasks of managing the properties, including its management, maintenance, depreciation and preservation of real estate value to provide a stable return to owners and to enhance the market value and provide the model service to the tenants through the preparation of the following professional tasks contract conclusion and documentation, and took administrative and technical responsibility for daily and periodic follow-up, Repair, maintenance, management and others.. Services through periodic plans, development and programs to increase the market value of assets managed and provide annual reports of owners.

  • Apartments
  • Villas
  • Supervision
  • Property Mnagemnt
  • Marketing

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We have established long term relationships with 4000+ clients in the Eastern Province.

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